MN Orchidian visiting CA

Dear Orchidians:

I will be traveling between LA and SanFran. between December 26th and
Jan 1st. on a business/pleasure trip. I’d like to meet as many of
you as I can who are located on the coast between these two cities.
Are any of you available ?

I know it’s Holiday time for some folks and family is your priority.

I’ll be stopping in Carmel at some point but will be very careful
not to “drip my ice-cream cone on the sidewalks as I peruse the
galleries” : )

Cheers !
Margie Mersky

Hi, Margie -

I expect to be here at home for the holiday and would be delighted
to meet you. I live in a pretty interesting part of L.A. , very
close to lots of galleries, museums, shopping, etc. , even the
ocean… :o} ! Contact me off list :

Margery Epstein

Margie, I will be in-and-out of my showroom in that time period.
Please DO contact me. My office phone is 213-488-9157. If you will
PHONE me there between now and your trip to CA, I’ll give you my
cellhone #, so you can reach me, even if I’m not in office.

My business is in the heart of the Jewelry District in downtown L.A.,
and I’ll be glad to give you the ‘nickle tour’ of the district.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718