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MJSA Vision Awards 2007


This is the new announcement for these great awards with two new
categories for 2007. And don’t forget there are a set of awards for
student renderings. A really great class project for schools. Bill

PS Formally know as the American Vision Awards

For Immediate Release
Posted: Jul 27, 2006
Released by MJSA

For Additional Information Contact:
Johnna Beckmann
Marketing & PR Manager
1-800-444-MJSA, ext. 3022,

New Distinction Categories Announced for 2007 MJSA Vision Awards

Competition to include Laser Distinction, Palladium Distinction, and
Natural Color Diamond Distinction.

Providence, RI-Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA)
continues to promote important industry trends, from technological
advancements to the latest fashions, as seen in the 2007 MJSA Vision
Awards (formerly known as the American Vision Awards). This year
also marks the first time international applicants are eligible.

Technology continues to influence design, changing what is possible.
The introduction of a Laser Distinction category, sponsored by
Crafford-LaserStar Technologies, will serve to highlight those
designs that were created using a laser-and in some cases could not
be created any other way.

Palladium is one of the industry’s hottest topics, sparked by recent
seminars at both MJSA Expo New York and at the JCK Las Vegas show.
Sponsored by the Palladium Alliance International, a new trade group
formed earlier this year, a Palladium Distinction category has been
added for 2007.

Another new organization, the Natural Color Diamond Association,
will sponsor the Natural Color Diamond Distinction category. As seen
at recent awards ceremonies, more celebrities have been wearing
yellow, green, orange, and other diamonds with naturally occurring
color-a trend that could soon add “natural color” to the list of
characteristics that determine a diamond’s value.

MJSA’s 2007 Distinction categories will also include Crystal
Distinction, sponsored by Swarovski; CAD/CAM Distinction, sponsored
by Gemvision; Mokume-gane Distinction, sponsored by Reactive Metals
Studio and Shining Wave Metals; and Reactive Metals Distinction,
sponsored by Reactive Metals Studio, Cabot Supermetals, and Perryman
Company. The MJSA Vision Awards also includes prizes for first and
second-place honors in the Professional and Student categories.

Winners will receive monetary awards of up to $1,000, and will be
honored at the annual Designer Day conference on March 17, 2007,
sponsored by MJSA and the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau. In addition,
winners will receive recognition in MJSA Journal, as well as other
trade publications, on MJSA Online, and at MJSA Expo New York (March
18-20, 2007).

Entries must be received by November 30, 2006. For submission
guidelines and further please contact Louly Vorasane at
1-800-444-6572, ext. 3037, or e-mail Watch
for updates online at

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