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MJSA Providence


Hi, Met Elaine and Rolf and picked up my Orchid pin. Many
Orchidites are stopping by the SNAG/Metalsmith booth to introduce
themselves too. It is great to put faces to the names. Anyone in
the area should check out the show it is great for finding the
elusive tool.


Unfortunately, no one was at the SNAG booth when I went by it,
and Elaine wasn’t around at the part of the Gesswein booth that I
made it to. I did sign up for the Castaldo samples, met up with
Russ Spira and his wife Paulette for lunch, and was introduced
to Henry Shawah. Henry is nearly legendary in my mind, and at 78
is still actively making jewelry. We wandered around for 3 hours
admiring tools and materials, and talking shop.


Hi Rick,

Although it was smaller than last year’s booth, Gesswein does
have a pretty big booth at the major trade shows. But please
don’t be worried about specifically asking to see me. I love
meeting fellow Orchideers, Orchidites… whatever we are! :slight_smile:



Rick, Sorry I missed you at the SNAG booth. I do need to take a
break once in awhile from sitting at the booth for three days.
there was info available on the table at all times including my
cards. Ditto for Elaine she was at the Gesswein booth for two
days and wasn’t around the last day. Next time you will have to
ball and chain us to the booths for the duration.


Hi Elaine, It was good to see you at the Providence show. Thanks
for the Orchid pin. I think I need an Orchid sticker for my shop
window! I’m sorry I didn’t get enough time to chat more. As is
the Gesswein booth, the Castaldo booth is usually busy. It was
fun to meet some of the Orchid people there. Also, I got a chance
to finally meet Rich Carrano the metalurgist from Stern-Leach.
I’ve spoken with him on the phone for years about alloy and metal
issues. He is a great resource. Hope to see you in New York next
year. J.A.


Elaine, Thanks for a lot of comments, and about the list
members: what about just calling them/us “orchids”? (Just a
simple thought.)

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
phone (+45) 46 78 89 94