MJSA on Employee Free Choice Act

Hello Orchidians;

A few months ago, I was critical of MJSA’s position on trade
agreements with overseas manufacturers. This time, I wish to
congratulate MJSA on what I believe is a commendable position on a
piece of legislation soon to be voted on in Washington.

This issue is the “Employee Free Choice Act”. Like many bills, it
has a title meant to imply one thing when in fact, the title might
be misdirecting. Without going into the details of the bill, which
interested parties can research for themselves, it will basically
change voting to join a union, which is now done in secret, to a
transparent process. If it passes, labor and management alike will
know how everyone voted, to join a union or not. It is likely, in my
opinion, that this can cut both ways. Management can intimidate
voters who support the union, and union members or those desirous of
joining the union can intimidate those who wish not to join. In
either case, I agree with MJSA’s position, that this bill is bad for
both business or labor.

So, I wish to thank MJSA and particularly Frank Gallahan for their
position on this bill. It is, in my opinion, right that the voting
process remain secret, so that voters are actually free to make the
decision they believe in. I hope that those of us who support unions
and those who don’t will both, alike, realize that this bill is not
in our best interests. If you wish to express your opinion, either
way, to your legislators about this bill, you can get phone and fax
numbers for your congressperson or senator at www.house.gov and
www.senate.gov respectively.

David L. Huffman