MJSA bench conference Sept 13

Just wondering if anyone on the list is going. Would be fun to meet
and put some faces with the posts!


Hi, I will be in the Exhibitor/Vendor Room, representing Knew
Concepts. In addition to the saws, there will be a new stainless
steel bench pin with some helpful features. Since Brian Meek, of
Knew Concepts, makes the Eid/Longhi Anticlastic Stakes, I’ll have
those, and the book Creative Metal Forming, as well. There are talks
about business, and bench demos.

Cynthia Eid

Cynthia mentioned Knew Concept’s stainless steel bench pin. I
recently got mine and have been piercing sheet. This bench pin is
really stable and helps immensely with making all those fine cuts.
While I’ll never achieve the level of James Miller’s amazing pierced
work, this pin removed excuses. oops, maybe I should not have said
THAT! Now I guess I have to face the reality of more practice.

Judy in Kansas, where the lawn has gotten its annual fertilization
and temps are cooler.