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Mixing gold and silver

I am about to cast my wedding band, and am wondering what a mixture of
gold and silver may end up looking like. I am after a white gold
look, not wanting the yelow color of gold. I have 1/2 of the metals
weight needed in gold, but can use any combination of silver and gold
weights. This is my first time mixing metals, so any help would be
great. I know nickel is used to achieve white gold, but wondered if
anyone had mixed only gold and silver and what combination they used
and what their result of color was. Also if a book can be recommended,
that would be great, too.


Mixing only gold and silver results usually in a green gold. The
more silver, the greener it will be. It will not produce a white

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers

Tim, Gold and silver will basically yield green gold,that is, gold w/
a greenish cast. A 50/50 mixture will yield 12k green gold (if the
gold and silver are fine --.999). Different colors of gold (as well
as diff. karats) will display a variety of hardnesses and working
qualities. Green golds tend to be quite soft.

Good luck, Andy Cooperman

Hi Tim; I once used an alloy of only silver and gold. I needed 18
karat rally green looking material, so I alloyed 750 parts of pure
gold and 250 parts of pure silver. The resulting colour was white with
a very strong green tinge, not like the the white of white gold, which
to me has often an undertone of grey. Pure tin is the closest colour
I can compare it to. The alloy turned out to be beautifully soft and
ductile, a pleasure to work with. When designing the ring I made sure
that only one solderline would be visible; I used white gold solder
for it and it blended fairly well. Hope this helps. Best regards.
Michaela Wolfert

A mix of 50% 24k gold and 50% fine silver will produce a white alloy.
It is a warmer white than silver and looks very much like pearl.

Jean Stark
Jean Stark, Inc.

Hi Tim,

I have alloyed gold & silver together to get a greenish coloured gold.
16ct was the best colour I found. I used to alloy my own white golds
using palladium but this has become quite expensive lately. I now buy
my white gold alloys & these tend to work better than the alloys I was

Good luck & hope someone else has some other ideas.

Dean Watson