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Mixing 18k alloys

I’ve been using 75% gold, 25% copper and silver for my 18k casting,
but, as my work is very detailed (mainly wire), sometimes porosity is
a problem. I wonder if somebody has tried those previously mixed
alloys, italian, I think. I was told they work very well for
castings, prevent porosity and oxidation. The brand name I’ve heard
of is LEGOR. I’d like to know if it is all right to use that instead
of the traditional elements, and how was your experience with it.
Thanks in advance, Regina

Regina; Why go all the way to Italy? There are lots of excellent
refiners and metal alloy specialists here in the good old USA. I have
been using United Precious Metals for years and can recommend them
for all your alloy needs. Give them a call and tell them what you
want the alloy to do and they will recommend what will do the job.
1-800-999-3463 They are very helpful people. (usual disclaimer goes here)
Frank Goss

Frank Sorry, I forgot to inform that I am not in the USA. I’m in
Brasil. The person from whom I order my casting wants to change for
this specific alloy, and I"m worried about the resulting product,
because my work is very detailed. That’s why I hope to get some help
from you, experienced orchidians. Regina