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Mitsuro impression wax

I’m very interested in the process of making Mitsuro as described in
the book "Practical Wax Modeling. I have placed an order for the
pine resin, now I just need to find the yellow impression wax. I
don’t see anything like this in any of my catalogs or in any online
catalogs, is it perhaps the type of wax used by dentists? Is it the
same thing sold as “sticky wax”?I have read all the archives on the
subject, but I’m still not sure. If anyone could direct me to an
online (or any) source for this, it will be greatly appreciated.

I too was puzzled at first and then learned that Impression wax is
just plain bees wax. i used it with perfect results. This is
explained in either “Practical Wax modeling” or the companion book.
the was buried away in the text. At any rate, i used the
bees wax and it worked just fine, and my mitsuro has all the
qualities described in the book.