Misdescription of jewellery

Had competition today in an Australian hand made market.

“Jewellery cast by my father.” Was the line used. Try made in India
and Bali. This guy sells fake amber as the real deal, claims it is
young amber to market organizer, aka plastic. Tested by a qualified

So in case he comes back I made a little hand out.

Since September 2008 Australia has had an Australian standard for
precious metal. To protect customers from low quality jewellery
especially from Asia.

It is the: Australian Standard 2140 fineness of precious metal

This Standard was developed to PROTECT Australian consumers from low
quality imported jewellery. Many pieces of jewellery from ASIA are
fineness marked 925 but are often 800 parts per thousand or at worst
are only silver plated.

This standard was developed with the jewellery industry’s peak body,
The Australian Jewellery and Gemstone Industry Council (AJGIC). The
AJGIC includes:

The Jewellers Association of Australia
The Gemmological Association of Australia
The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia
The National Council of Jewellery Valuers and
The Diamond Guild

Under Australian Standard 2140, Australian made jewellery must be
clearly stamped or engraved with the appropriate precious metal
symbol and the minimum precious metal fineness using the millesimal
system (parts per thousand of precious metal).

Since 2008 Australian made Sterling Silver has the millesimal
fineness mark of 925 within an oval. See above the precious metal
symbol as detailed in Australian Standard 2140. GRAPHIC WOULD NOT

If you are told a piece of jewellery is Sterling Silver and made in
Australia BUT DOES NOT HAVE the above fineness mark the The
Australian Jewellery and Gemstone Industry Council recommends that
you do not buy it as it is of unknown origin and quality.

don’t get ripped off buy guaranteed australian made with the correct
fineness mark.

how much fun will he have when i give him one of these and the
market organizer. i will also hand them out in front of his stall
and to all lookers on my stall. i spent today telling lookers that
this is the only made in australia stall, no matter what you have
been told by the stall over there.

Really over these con artists. Now I will fight back. Not a problem
if it is an open market, design and quality wins.

But when it comes to handmade in Australia that is another situation
altogether. Had a good look at his stall today wow did he give out
the guilty vibes or what? I will break this this guy and it will not
be good for him. I detest con artists.

I do markets where there is imported jewellery, but I don’t have a
problem with this as it is not promoted as Australian made only. My
designs stand on their own. I have a friend who sells imported
jewellery in this other market, really high quality made in Nepal not
a problem for me. As it is genuine and sold legit.