Misc: tumblers, jumprings & dowels

I wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions about which
tumbler I should buy. I ended up going with the vibratory
tumbler from Thunderbird ($70) and 6 pounds of shot.

I also wanted to thank you for suggestions on how to achieve a
hammered finish. Unfortunately, my original post (re Elizabeth
Locke and Neiman Marcus) was mangled when it was sent to the
group, so it wasn’t very clear. But the answers were great.

New question: I’ve been looking all over for a 9/16 " dowel for
making jumprings per Stark’s chain book. I’ve had no luck
finding anything (bolts, wood dowls, dapping tools) of this
diameter. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find
something this size. 5/8" is common, 9/16" is not.

Finally, I purchased a jumpring Koil Kutter from Dave Arens last
week and it’s terrific. Makes clean cuts, simple to use and very
fast. I recommend it without hesitation.

Thanks again for all your help. Happy Thanksgiving to those


For perfectly sized jump ring diameters you local hardware store
should carry drill bits, often times in 1/64 inch gradations, but
almost always in at least 1/32 inch gradations. You can only use
the part of the bit that is smooth, of course, but usually
there’s a couple inches to play with and you can be sure the
diameter is very precise.