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Miracle Media and PolishPlusProcees

Hi Daniel! Without attending a workshop, how can one find out about
more this new compound and where to purchase it? If it works well
to polish opal, would it not also work well as a finish on agates,
jaspers, and some of the even harder to get a polish on materials
like certain garnets and apache tears? My husband makes hand-made
marbles from all sorts of materials from fossil coral and dinosaur
bone to picture stone materials and also Brazilian Agates. Some
polish nicely, some still need more work at times and take a lot
longer. Any material that would speed the process would be great to
have on hand. I tried to send this direct to you, but it came back,
so I am posting to Orchid, though I don’t know if it is proper, but
I imagine there are other Orchid members who would also like to have
an answer to this question, so if you want to answer there instead
of personally, that would still be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,
Ann Berger @Round_Rocks1

Keith and Ann Berger
Round Rocks Etc
Great Hand-Made Marbles!
765 I. First Ave.
Colville, WA 99114