Minnesota Crafts Council

To All MCC Members, Supporters and Craft Artists

an Update from the newly formed Minnesota Crafts Council Transition
TeamAs of September 1st, MCC has returned to an all-volunteer run
grassroots organization. MCC’s Executive Director, Dave Glenn, was
laid off due to the lack of funds to sustain payroll.

A Transition team of member volunteers has been formed to ensure
that the operational duties of the organization are being maintained.
Dave, Carole Meidinger, the MCC Board and others are all continuing
to volunteer at MCC through the upcoming Fall Show to ensure that it
goes well.

What do we mean by grass-roots?

MCC currently does not have paid professional management everyone= is
a volunteer. We are now even more dependant on member volunteers to
stay viable. A transitional team has been initiated to maintain
operational duties once Dave has moved to a new position.

What does not having a director mean?

For the time being, MCC will be an all volunteer run organization.
We need members/supporters/artists who want to claim responsibility
and step up to the plate. If we hope to keep things going as they
have in the past (workshops, classes, Shows, etc.) this organization
will depend on you and other volunteers to be part of the team.

Who are the Transition team and what are they doing?

Currently, it is 5 volunteers the Board of Directors appointed from
those attending the last 2 board meetings. The Transition Team will
begin to workout committees, responsibilities and processes for MCC’s
continued operation. Current team members are listed below.

What does this have to do with me as a member?

MCC needs more people willing to donate their time. With the economy
changing, the way grants are given, and the competition from other
shows we need motivated people who believe that MCC benefits craft
artists and art loversin our region.

What are we asking?

We are asking for your time. We need talented people who are willing
to work. The transition team will be forming committees and will need
dedicated people to sign up. In particular, we need volunteers now,
even if you can give just a small amount of your time. Watch your
email and the MCC website for further details. Why now? The most
pressing need is to meet the deadlines that will enable MCC to hold
its 2007 shows. In addition, we need people to make sure that
week-to-week activities such as MCC finances and communications are
taking place.

What if I want to help?

In particular, we need people who can volunteer for the Fall Show,
Oct. 7&8, 2006. You can also attend the next MCC Board meeting,
October 17, 2006 in the 5th Floor Conference Room of the Hennepin
Center for the Arts. The meeting is at 6:30 pm and the Hennepin
Center for the Arts is located at 528 Hennepin Ave #216, Minneapolis,
MN 55403. We need Volunteers for our fall show. Oct 5-8. Thur.
10am-2:30pm, Fri. 10am-9pm, Sat.7am-6pm, Sun.7:30 am-9pm. Please
contact Jini Washburn at: washburn@mtn.org

What if I can’t volunteer right now?

We still need your help. Support us with a new or renewing
membership from you, from another craft artist, or a donation from a
community member/ business who supports having fine craft in the
Upper Midwest. Currently membership is: $55 Mail your check to:
Minnesota Crafts Council, 528 Hennepin Ave # 216, Mpls, MN 55403.
Please indicate membership’ in the memo line. Send us the contact
for someone who might sponsor an MCC event. Think about
having a fundraiser for MCC. We can help with ideas.

What is the Transition team trying to accomplish?

We want see MCC continue for its members, artists and the community.
We want to have some fun along the way and spread the responsibility
so that no single individual is over burdened. We want to make this
challenge an opportunity for all concerned…please join us. The
MCC Transition Team and Board of Directors Thank you!

Transition team member
Amy Burkholder