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Minimizing gold loss when micro setting


We have a Jewellery manufacturing factory in Kolkata, India and we
have just introduced Micro Setting to our process.

With just 6 months after starting we have noticed that the
Loss/Wastage of Gold is very high in Micro Setting as compared to
Normal/Hand Setting. As you are aware of the rising Gold prices
everyday, we would like some advice and suggestions to evade such

Kindly recommend procedures and process’s to curb gold loss/wastage.

Awaiting your positive & quick response.

Best Regards,
Kunal Shah

Hello Kunal,

Controlling losses in production of Jewellery is always a big
concern. One way is to control the loss in production along with
efficient recovery systems which can collect all the losses
incurred. I presume you are carrying out handsetting & not wax
setting. Wax setting does help in controlling the losses. Please post
your detailed process for further guidance.

Umesh. G.Chavan

Kunal- The very nature of micro pave leads to the loss of gold. The
more diamonds you have set on the surface of a piece of gold the more
you will have to cut away to set stones.

Try pre seating as many of the the stones as possible in the master

Jo Haemer