Minimalist jewelry trend

       On a different what i find most discouraging of all, however,
is just how little jewellry is worn by "trend setters" in North
America. And i don't mean necessarily wearing gems and big stuff.
Why is the "look" so minimalist? If you wondering what i am writing
on about, just glance through a recent issue of Vogue. 

Hi David! I make “bridge” jewelry styles of glass and semiprecious
beads both threaded and on wire, so I follow the trends pretty
closely. There are two reasons why you don’t see much jewelry in a
magazine like Vogue.

  1. If the ad is selling clothing, they don’t want you to be looking
    at accessories instead - same reason they put the clothes on a
    "non-sexy thin" model - the clothes are the focus of the ad. On
    the other side of that coin, when they are selling jewelry you often
    won’t even see clothing in the picture, or only the edge of a cuff or
    neckline at most.

  2. With the recent trend from widely spaced “Tincup” pearls to
    "monocord" jewelry where the pendant support was as close to
    inivisible as possible, a lack of big pieces is totally

I don’t know where you live, but if you can get a copy of "InStyle"
magazine, it is a much better barometer of what is being worn by
celebrities, wannabe celebs and other “trend setters”, which usually
filters down to the rest of us. An example is the newest variation on
the lariat; a strand of seed beads with just a few focus beads on each
end, worn doubled with the ends through the loop so that it is pulled
up as a choker with a hand’s width or so of dangle.

Hope this helped,
Donna Hawk

David, I produce bolder styles of jewelry and I find myself getting
very frustrated when some buyers say that the trend is delicate.
These delicate pieces are what you see in the Vogue, Bazaar for the
reason of emphasizing the clothing. However, I propose you take a
gander at the jewelry that is accessorized with the European couture
clothing by clicking over to and go to their style section.
That is the up-to-the minute look at what will eventually trickle down
to the US styles and at a quicker pace with the window of the world at
our “.com” fingertips. More often than not you will see large pieces
and with a maximalist look. For example, check out Versace adds with
the layers of chains, rings… The delicate and demure I believe has
a standard market, yet I’m seeing and hearing more often that the
bigger and bolder look is making its way to the forefront. The
fashion trends are often the example of the personality of the economy
and today women and men are feeling stronger and want to be noticed.
I’m betting on the next trend to be more of the bolder accessories.
Let’s see what happens.

Rebecca. San Diego, CA

Rebecca: I found that the age of delicate jewelry is over. I make big
bold pieces and find that the reaction I am getting is very positive.
Also if you look at other mainstream fashion magazine like Harpers
Bazaar you see lots of huge chunky pieces. Keep up the good work,
things will turn around


I found that there are always buyers out there looking for good work,
regardless of size. I make large pendants and earrings using big
stones. I found that if I buy very high quality stones, size has
always been a big plus. But then, I don’t follow the market - I don’t
want to be making pieces that look like what will be in the amll in a
couple years. Rebecca, make pieces that reflect your vision, not the


I’m inclined to believe that jewelry styles are largely a matter of
individual taste. Sure, you’ll get fads like the ‘y’ necklace or
beads on invisible wire ,etc. But not everyone wants to wear what
everyone else is wearing . Today women can wear assorted skirt
lengths according to what looks best on them and still look
fashionable. So it is with jewelry. People develop a personal style
and wear jewelry that reflects it. A person who insists on wearing
excessively clunky or excessively delicate jewelry even if it looks
ridiculous on her is doing herself and the jewelry a disservice. .As
my mother used to remind me: “No matter the size,shape or color,
your jewelry should enhance your costume, not overpower it.” Dee