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Miniature Vessel Raising

Hi All,

Let me say “Wow”. I just finished Valentin Yotkov’s first Miniature
Vessel Raising workshop, and I think he is about to show us all, how
to take the purist form of Raising to new territory! Embarking to
Brooklyn for our three day workshop, we were shown how to transform
a small flat disc of silver , raising it to one seamless, voluminous
vessel…in miniature no less! Using specially designed stakes
created by Valentin’s own hands, we applied the same principal of
raising a large vessel to raising a miniature cup and cap that makes
up the Classical Greek Acorn! I am marveling at the possibilites.
I see all sorts of miniature vessel shapes swimming in my head!
Shapes…repoussed, chased, enameled, or bejeweled! When Valentin
first opened his studios, he brought to us, the almost extinct art
of Repousse and Chasing, and now he out does himself with being the
first that I know of, to teach Raising in miniature! I have been a
student of Valentin’s for four years, and am so excited that there
are so many new things to still learn from this Master!

For those of you who know Valentin, you know what I am talking
about. For those of you who don’t… I hope you will be lucky
enough to discover for yourself!

Happy Hammering,