Miniature Milling/Lathing Class near Washington, DC

Hi, I thought orchid members local to the DC/Baltimore area would
like to know that Matt Feldman of Cambridge, MA will be teaching a
Miniature Lathe and Milling Techinques class at the Art League School
in Alexandria, VA from 9/15 to 9/19 (mon-fri) (10 am - 4 pm). Those
interested should contact the school at 703-683-2323.

thank you
–ed (not affiliated with the Art League School)

Unfortunately, Matthew Feldman’s lathe class was cancelled yesterday
for lack of enough people signing up. HOWEVER, if enough folks
called in the next few days, I think that we could probably get it
going again. It was destined to take place from 9/15-9/19, six hours
per day. If interested, please call the Art League school at 703 683
2323. Or, over the weekend you can reach me at 703 836 1611, and I
can pass the message along. I’d love to see the class happen…we
can’t reschedule it until the same time next year. He has a good
deal of to impart, with an emphasis on cold connections,
and his work is fabulous. A plug for the Art League school…if I do
say so myself, we have some terrific instructors, teaching
everything from basic silversmithing and wax carving to die forming,
to chain making, forging, and a variety of other things. A new team
taught design course will be instituted this year, starting in the
winter session. Susan Susan Sanders @Susan_Sanders1