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Mini-watch @ 125 magnification


Here is a little mini-watch that I have been laying around my bench for the past 5 years.The measurements are 11 x 13mm’s. Look now at my laptop-screen and observe how large it is!

This little microscope is helping me in my future essays & will eventually help you, the readers of Ganoksin.


Speaking as a watchmaker, an 11mm x 13 mm watch movement–it seems to be a ladies watch movement can’t be considered “miniature”. Small, yes, but it really has a long way to go before being considered miniature. Your digital microscope photos are great. I might pick up one myself. Starett carries a measuring digital microscope that looks good, but I haven’t begun shopping and comparing yet.


Gerry thank you. as a watchmaker myself ( mostly self trained.) spent some
time as an apprentice, ive taught myself to service these smaller
movements. ihave a ring watch, not particularly valuable that was my
mothers that m trying to restore to operable condition. it is fairly close
to what you have there in size. again thank you sir.


Hi Aaron
So pleased that you responded to my note. Not too often we don’t keep these mini-watches working. That watch was my wife’s and on occasion I wind it up, just to keep “it alive!”…:wink:
Keep your hands working and enjoy this season!

Gerry! On my Teaching iPhone!