Mini torch tips


I am using a mini torch with natural gas and oxygen. I have the tips
#1-4 that came with it and can only use #4. I can’t even get #1 and
#2 lit and #3 won’t stay lit. I worked as a goldsmith at a large
jewelry store with many brilliant goldsmiths and I remember that they
used to break out the ruby in the torch to make a bigger flame with
the smaller tips. My husband suggested that I cut the very end off
the torch tip to accomplish the same thing. I never intend to use
these tips with acetylene so I’m not really worried about modifying
them. What is the best way to open up my #1-3 mini torch tips?

Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

Ann Hartley

Ann, I drilled the largest tip that came with the kit to make the
hole a little larger and have been using it that way for many years.
I suggest starting slowly working with a larger drill bit each time
until you get it the way you want. Drop your regulator pressures if
you have a hard time getting the torch lit.

HI Ann

I have been using a mini torch on natural gas and oxygen for years. I
simply took the #1 tip and cut the end off. I then hard soldered a
short piece of copper tubing onto the tip that was of slightly
larger diameter than the tip. I tapered it slightly. I then use
plastic or metal based based hypodemrmic needles of various guages
for tip. They friction fit over the tapered tube and work very well…
I blunt the needles. I get my needles from vet supply stores. Not
beautiful…but extremely functional.

Good Luck

The ruby tip is very thin, I used a jewelers saw blade and cut
around the end until the tip came off, then I filed the end smooth
very carefully to remove as little metal as possible, just making the
angle correct for the shape of the flame, and use a burr to clean the
inside of the hole after sawing and filing. The tips are about $12
each, and a #5, 6, and 7 are worth the investment if you ruin the
ruby tips. When you do this, when you light the tip, it starts out
quite a bit larger and it hisses, more when not adjusted right.

Richard Hart