Mini Jewelry vacuum pressurized Casting Kit

Hi Guys

I´m new in the neighbour, I´m from Peru and I´m starting my jewelry shop.
I already has a jewelry brand that a third party produce me. Photos of the kind I produce (below)
I´m now ready to start my own production, so I´m looking for the most suitable machines for my needs. Also to let you know i use 3d print tecnology to do my models for the molds.

I want to do casting in place, using CZ. What casting machine do you recommend me? Is vacuum pressurized with Noble Gas (Argon) so good for casting?.
I see a mini casting vacuum pressurized kit from SuperbMelt (China Brand), but didn´t find any review about it, has you had any experience with this machine? is it worth it?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the forum.
Best Regards