Mini drill press

I’m researching to buy a mini drill press and would like some
suggestions and experiences, please. I am between the small lover
power like Rio Grande and Euro carry with no table. Or the other
kind with a table and a little more power like skil or harbor
freight with a table and more power. thank you for the help, brenda

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a small drill press tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

I have a Mini from Rio Grande, $79.00. It does all I have asked it I

Be carefull that you don’t try and use the press for more that it is
capable of. At the same time too powerful a press can turn a small
object into an implement of digital injury.

What ever press you buy be sure and get a vise or something to
secure the work piece. A spinning ear ring can lacerate the be Jesus
out of your finger tips before you can say “Stitches or Staples.”

If all you are drilling is holes for ear wires. Get a twist punch
from Rio, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby.

Have fun.
Don Meixner

When considering purchase of a small drill press you’ll want to know
about the run out of any given machine. That is the wobble that the
drill bit has while running at speed. Variable presses may help to
reduce run out to some degree. Also take into consideration what the
chuck will hold minimum and maximum shank sizes.

For the money I have to say I love my foredom drill press adaptor.
The frameholds the handset at two points to keep the torque under
control. It has a depth dial for times when depth is a factor, and
the daylight opening is generous and adjustable for most jewelry
making needs. I also have it run trough a rheostat (Fry’s
electronics stores) to control speed more accurately. I experience
very little run out and the #30 handset will hold tiny bits. I usemy
press for both metal and stone drilling. Just my opinion here, but
investing in some carbide fluted drills in commonly used sizes is a
good spend ofyour money.

Other equipment to consider: Proxxon micro milling machine which is
a dedicated machine that will drill and do a lot more. Pricey up
front, but depending on your needs, may be just the thing to get the
job done.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a small drill press tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend: