Mini casting machine


I have struggled with casting from home and want to find an easier method, I have a furnace and a kiln but the act of pouring molten metal into a small hole proves quite difficult. I have found 2 websites which sell a mini casting machine where it does this process internally however there is no where in the websites to buy these. Can anyone help please !!


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See my previous answer. Learn to pour melted metal manually before you spend a lot of money on casting equipment that you may discover that you really didn’t need. I have purchased a lot of equipment that I really didn’t need.


When you say pouring into a small hole, are you referring to opening at the bottom of a flask or metal mold? What size flask? There should be a good sized flared opening to pour into. Possibly a different rubber base for the flask. Are you pouring from a graphite crucible? Are you trying to pour with the entire furnace or just with the crucible? If it is too high it will be difficult. Can you send me a picture of your set up? I can give you a cell if that’s easier. I’m also sending you a private message with a link to my set up.

You’re talking big bucks for a casting unit like that.
Are you torch melting or Electromelt type furnace?
Rio used to sell a vacuum caster with a tilt pour crucible. Once set up that’s it unless you change flask size. Another thing that you might consider would be a foot actuated vacuum valve. Simplifying the process would make it a little less daunting. There are some tricks for vacuum casting but once it’s properly set you should be able to get consistently excellent castings.
You may PM/DM me if you have any questions.

After the investment has dried/cured, take a knife and enlarge the hole to a flare shape, then put in the kiln for burnout. much easier to aim your molten metal into this

Learning to Pour molten metal from a crucible does take some practice. I use a Table Top vacuum casting system with a oxy/propane torch to heat the metal in the crucible. Here’s the trick. “Relax” ! My method: heat the metal until it’s molten, sprinkle a bit of borax on the metal. While holding your Torch on your metal… pull your flask from the kiln and place it on the vacuum table. Make sure you are getting full vacuum. Now bring your crucible over to your flask. Place your crucible at a slight angle on your flask… such that… you’re heating both the flask “pouring hole” and keeping your metal molten at the same time. RELAX. Keep the heat on your molten metal and slowly “tilt” your molten metal at a consistent speed… while keeping your torch… along the path of your crucible… and pouring into your flask. Does this make sense? You just need to picture yourself doing this.