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Million dollar Ice Cream

Someone has decided to recreate an ice cream cone in gold and

Elizabeth Schechter
RFX Studios

Hi Elizabeth,

I saw the piece at JCK they had it dispayed on at dessert tray with
armed guards and a tacky model next to it…can’t understand why
anyone would waste so much time and money on something which was just
silly, (common conscensus of everyone I talked to who saw it).
Beautiful scuptural objects have a place in the field and collectors,
usually sheiks and royals, and it would be wonderful to spend as much
time and money on a piece as you want but an ice cream cone?

Beth McElhiney
in the Vineyard summerland of homemade icecream, yuummmm…

The article does not say what the red stones are. They don’t look
like ruby, though it would be a shame (imho) if they put anything
else in a piece like that. Diamonds are diamonds, but the colored
stones in the piece are the eye catcher, so it seems odd that they
don’t mention what they are. Beautiful work anyway.


The article does not say what the red stones are.

They don’t look like stones to me, but the piece was put together by
Lazare Diamond and I’m one of their dealers so I’ll make an inquiry
and see if I can find out what they used.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

If you guys think a million dollar ice cream cone is silly, clearly
you haven’t seen the following items.

A $ 700,000.00 Dollar PEN

The $ 90 Million dollar Platinum and Diamond Human Skull

Or how about David Beckham buying his wife, (Posh Spice) a $ 1.8
million diamond-encrusted vibrator !

I’ve also seen an ear of corn duplicated in gold and pearls.

Still think a million dollar ice cream cone is silly?

If you’re wondering why they make or do such crazy things, it’s
because they can… that’s all the reason they need.


Without taking the high moral ground I must say in todays social
climate I think this sort of thing is despicable. It sickens me to
see this sort of waste of resources. A diamond set skull, A diamond
set Mercedes and Ice cream are just redicoulous. “Why”? “Cause they
can”. Is no excuse. These people should be locked up, ignored at
least. Even tattoo artists have more talent. Rant over. No hijack


The question of talent, or lack of it, is not what I see as the
problem with these objects. I don’t blame the people who make them,
either. But I’m very distressed by the kind of conspicuous
consumption that creates a market for them.

I don’t think it really makes anyone’s like better to own a
diamond-ecrusted anything– but I sure can think of ways the
resounces it takes to buy them could make a difference.

I am reassured by the actions of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.


Let’s face it; a lot of companies spend a lot more than a million
dollars on promotions and publicity. Victoria’s Secret came out with
their million dollar bra years ago, with subsequent versions, usually
timed for the holiday shopping frenzy. Of course they don’t expect to
sell them, but get a lot of press coverage and prime time publicity
that is well worth the price. I assume it’s a drop in the bucket of
their advertising budget.

Actually, it’s probably not bad publicity for the jewelry industry
either. These things are high quality items that attract a lot of
attention for our industry as well. I’m thinking we ought to be
delighted with, and even gra teful for that million dollar ice cream


Just after sending a post about the million dollar ice cream cone, I
ran across this story on AOL news about a 1.63 million dollar diamond
and platinum handbag. It just keeps getting better!