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Milling wax

Hi! Further to my problem of finding a suitable milling wax… I
am using a programmable engraving machine which is designed for
making routed plastic signs. Quite some time ago it occured to me
that with the proper tooling it could also double as a programmable
milling machine. I drilled the end of one of the engraving tools and
inserted a high speed drill shaft and brazed it to the tool. I turned
the drill down and ground it until I had a crude end mill. The system
worked and since then I have made many sizes of cutters. My problem
occurs when I am trying to cut very small lettering into the top of a
wax ring top. My cutters are as small as 0.20 mm. diameter. Some of
the lettering is barely over a millimeter in height. The cutter cuts
the letters finely but the cuttings are not ejected. The only sure
way I have found to remove them is to soak the work in epoxy and pull
the epoxy off along with the cuttings before the epoxy is
completely hard. Usually more than the cuttings are pulled off and
the pattern is damaged. I have produced beautiful school rings and
pendants but I don?t dare take a large order because my system is
still ?experimental? I was hoping that there was a special wax for
this type of work. Dental supply houses have milling wax but it?s
sold in 25 gram lots. That is too small for what I have in mind. I?ve
tryed both the green and blue waxes but both have the same problem.
Probably I could solve the problem if I had factory-made cutters.
Anybody know where I could get cutters made on a 11/64 th shank with
the cutting head as small as 0.2 mm. ?

Hood or what ever your name is ! I like people that think for
themselfves so stay with your experment on tools till you get one that
works right. Now the little engraveing machines were made primery for
metal and plastic at a high speed to high for Wax. I cut the blue wax
with 2 flute end mills from 1/8" to 3/4 " with no problems also i have
a spray mist can that i can use water or just air and i rarly use
water. I run my mill about 300 rpm and the blowes the chips off and
keeps the end mill cool so the chips don’t get hot and stick . but try
it differante ways till you find what works or you and good luck. Bill
D. In east Texas