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Milling Fixtures


Does anyone know if there are anymore companies that sell milling
fixtures? i have seen the Protowizard and the one from Gemvision.
are there more?



There is this company. I don’t know if they are the same.

Although I dont have the software yet I have found a lot of helpful
info on the Artcam Forum. You can join for free unlike some of the
others, it is a very busy group.

Roland in Australia do some interesting fittings, not cheap and
maybe not what you want but food for thought if you can make up
fittings of your own

regards Tim.


Brant at E-Wax sells milling fixtures of his own design, considered
by many to be the best and most reliable available. One of the
companies you mentioned actually copied his original fixture. He
sells bits and mill training for those who want to expand their
knowledge, as well. He can be reached at 630-968-6001 after Friday,
as he is currently attending a funeral of a family mamber.