Milk Jug Photo Light Diffuser

Milk Jug Diffusers, Using a one gallon plastic milk jug cut out the
bottom off the jug better to cut an inch or more above the bottom.
Use the translucent Gallon jugs not the opaque ones, Now with a
digit an it’s easier from here just cut off the pouring neck/cap area
to a point where you can insert the lens of your camera, it even
helps steady your shot, you might even want to cut more off the
bottom area for closer focusing, Were talking stuff we were going to
throw away right! Your on camera flash seems to work pretty good for
most subjects. For larger items go to a Department Store of Choice
and get a Rubbermaid Cake server, It’s frosted almost like the cloud
dome, only 150.00 cheaper, there again you will have to cut a hole in
the top for your lens. Nearly all the images on my web site were
taken with either of those diffusers and a HP C 200 1 mega pixel
camera with close-up lenses only problem with the Milk Carton
diffuser is focus, I’ve got blocks or wood or small glasses with
Background material on them Try it it’s easy and cheap