Migi Microscope

The Meiji, or any other scope with similar magnification, will
absolutely change your life. The stand is really the biggest issue.
After a lot of experimentation and research on the web, I realized
that most scope stands are designed to hold a relatively static
position. As an engraver you must have the greatest flexibility in
positioning the scope head. GRS’s Acrobat Stand held the most
promise. I was not disappointed. You can, however, learn a lot from
spending a few hours each evening, for a week or so tracking scopes
on Ebay. After two weeks, I purchased an almost new Meiji EMZ5TR with
a boom stand and the right lenses for $600. The Acrobat added close
to $500, bringing the entire setup to less that the retail on the
scope, itself. If you would to discuss this, please feel free to
email me off list. I will be happy to share my research. Happy
hunting. Ken Weston @Ken_Weston