Midas pen plating system

Someone mentioned the Midas Pen Plating system in a post on
Facebook… so I looked it up on Rio and am seriously looking at
getting this - think it would give me a way to add that “touch of
gold” that customers would love without adding a large amount to the
cost. So. those of you who have used this system - pointers, tips,
don’t do’s, must haves? And how do you figure the cost of plating?
I’m planning to use it for adding gold details, not large scale
plating. wondering how on earth I figure out what the cost is per
piece. Thanks! By the way, Rio has been MOST helpful! I’ve called and
talked to their tech folks twice already trying to figure out what I
would need to get started so I can figure a budget. Go Rio!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio