Microworld of Diamonds

Last week I finally got “The MicroWorld of Diamonds” featuring the
incredible photography and of John I. Koivula, and it is
outstanding. I wish this had been available when I took Diamond
Grading! In addition to thorough about diamonds, he
addresses enhancement, synthetic diamonds, and simulants. It’s a
shame Koivula’s book “Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones” is out
of print. I was able to obtain a new copy of that book this summer,
in German, and luckily can read German lamely. Does anyone know if
“Photoatlas” might be published again? “The MicroWorld of Diamonds”
is fabulous! Worth every penny of the $95 it lists at! Hey TR the
Teacher - I insist that the Jewelry Department purchase this book!!!

The MicroWorld of Diamonds
Hardcover: 157 pages 
Publisher: Gemworld International; 1st edition (2000) 

I just ordered the photoatlas of diamond inclusions this summer from
GIA and was not informed it was out of print…so try GIA.