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Hello Friends;

I’m a new member of the forum and must thank you all for such great
advice and wisdom; still so much to learn and I’ve been designing
jewelry for 15 years!

This year, I bought an Orion mPulse PUK welder and am having mixed
success. I’m looking for others in the forum who are using
micro-welding in their art. Perhaps we can start up a users’ group
on the site, to share hints, tips and wisdom?

In the spirit of sharing, I got a tip from Chicago’s best welder
that really works!! When you’re working with thinner guage sterling,
slide a piece of copper under the weld seam. You can increase the
power and it diffuses the heat and helps to eliminate blowout and
pitting. I tried in on some sterling chain links and it worked for a
nice clean weld. Now, I use a small bent disc or a little loop of
copper wire in the grounding clamp and just slide my small pieces
over the disc or into the loop to weld them. This also helps to get
the clip out of the way, (which is a pain in the butt in the
mPulse’s small work area.)

Maybe some of you out there that have more flexible machines could
share a little bit about the settings you use with Sterling? I know
I would really appreciate the maybe it would help
reduce the frustration of trial and error.

Thanks in advance,
Gayle Weiss

Gayle - YOu may know these already - this is the list of resources
that i use for my PUK.

There is a PUK fb page - PUK Welding Revolution that is the user
group you are looking for.

In addition, Lampert has 26 or so online seminars.

Further, Rio Grande Albuquerque has a class at least once a year on
the machines and their techs can answer questions.

Robert Sepiashvili is the US rep and get you pointed to answers at
[robert at]

Jeffrey Herman at has a very
complete set of discussions on the PUK.

Judy Hoch