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MicroStamp Hallmark - using a ring stamp for flat surfaces will this work well?

Hi there!

I am looking into buying a 925 stamp from MicroStamp.

Does anyone have their ring stamp in 925? They say it is curved online, but I wonder if it work okay for flat pieces also. I mainly do flat or slightly curved work, but would like the option for rings too. It sounds so small that I doubt it would be that noticeable it the 9 and 5 are back slightly. I do work a lot with thin metals 22 gauge mostly which is why I am seeking a better quality stamp and wonder if a straight stamp may be better for my purposes so stamp is not showing through to the front.

Also what size do you use? They have .5mm (which is too small for what I do), .75mm which they say is standard and 1mm tall.


They made a script name stamp for me many yrs ago & did a Great job only stamp from them. Iā€™m about to get a hallmark stamp made unless any suggestions for another co


You can use a curved ring stamp by hand to mark a flat piece. Chris Darway (Darway Designs) taught me to hold the stamp with all of my fingers wrapped around it and thumb on top.

Start with the stamp leaning on the first letter (to the left if reading right); then apply firm-hard pressure as you rock the stamp towards and away from you as you slowly move to the right.

Grab some scrap and practice a few times, it is not as hard to do as it seems. It also prevents the ghost on the front of piece from hitting a stamp too hard.

Thanks so much for the tip!

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