Another word on bench microscope systems. There are several models
available, even from Meiji. Best if you can check them out in person
at a trade show. If not, ask a lot of questions. Orient the
questions to your particular needs. The Meiji system I have is the
EMZ with a .5 lens and the magnification ranges from 3.5x to 22.5x
with a working distance of @8 inches down to @4.5 inches depending on
the magnification. Harris Discount is toll free 800.719.3889 or
email hds987@aol.com I bought my setup from GRS. I was just
mentioning Harris as another source. Harris prices, I just checked
today, ranged from $995 to 1,395 US. depending on the model. Best

Bob Staley
B.Staley, Goldsmiths
Precision Laser Welding