Microscopes and stands

Anyone interested to stepping up to a quality microscope or flexable
stand for their existing scope check out bluelightinc.com I just
ordered a flexable arm for my scope (the boom arm on it just wasn’t
making it) Their prices are great and I have seen one of the scopes
and was very impressed, especially for the price. Check it out. (
usual disclaimer here, not associated or employed or connected whith
them in any way other than a very happy more flexible visual person) Frank Goss

I would recommend a HRD style microscope for any serious diamond
graders. The gem manipulator is very easy to use. The vacuum
system keeps the stone very secure and does not obstruct your view.
You can see it on their website at
Hrdcan.com is for sale | HugeDomains. The only drawback is they
are not cheap. HRD Canada did have some used microscopes that might
be more reasonably priced.


try here http://www.meijitechno.com/ they make a really good
selection of microscopes and I think that they are superior to the
GIA ones, the turn around time for repair is really short, the body
and components are aluminium and not base metal, and if i was going
to get one it would be from Meiji, plus you can customize the scope
to what you want and need, and to top it all off, ask for the really
killer black body, it looks great.

Aaron A Tracy