Microscope to from Mattel

   a simple toy produced by Mattel and Intel. It is a
microscope that actually interfaces with your parallel port
and the quality at 10X was incredible. I would say that other
than professionally taken pics, these are by far the best pics
I have ever seen, especially on detail and clarity. The best
part is that it costs approx. $90. Do not be fooled by this
toy, it is for real. 

This sounds great Neil. Perhaps you can supply a little more
product info for those of us without kids or grandkids to get us
into the toy scene. Thanks, MP

The microscope is at www.intelplay.com I think the URL is.
There’s a link from mattel.com if I’m wrong. I looked at this
thing and although its a cool toy I doubt it would be very good
for photographing jewelry, the depth of field is very short which
is typical of microscopes so unless your jewelryis absolutely
flat and very small this wouldn’t work. Cool toy though. Dave