Micromotor tools

I am interested in buying a brushless micromotor-driven tool to
replace a flex-shaft and would appreciate other users’ feedback. I
plan to use it mostly instead of my aging flex shaft for general use
and stone setting.

First, are there any issues or pros/cons with going to micromotor

Secondly, what are users’ experiences with Foredom, Besqual, Strong
Power Series (Otto Frei) and others out there? Price is a concern
for now - I need to stay at/below 250 - 300$. Also a foot switch
with variable speed (rather than on/off) is needed. I prefer to stay
with Foredom but see advantages to others like Besqual.

Thanks much,

Hi there,

I don’t really know about the Micro motor tools quality but I have
used and recommended Harbor Freight’s flex shaft which is very much
like a bottom of the line Fordome and the hand pieces from Fordome
will fit. Actually the handpiece that comes with it is similar to
Fordome hand piece and has no wobblewhen spinning. The price can
vary depending if it’s on sale or not, $50 - $100.

You can order on line or go to the store.


Vernon, I have an NSK which is a little pricier than you are looking
for but works the same way. I use it in combination with flex
shafts. I tend to grab it when I’m doing something precise and I
want zero vibration or a consistently very low speed. I like that it
runs so smoothly, more smoothly than any flex shaft. With the quick
change hand piece it’s an easy transition from using something like
a Foredom #10 with a duplex spring on your flex shaft. I also like
how easy it is on mine to adjust the tension on the bit, just screw
the collet in or out. I do have a foot pedal but surprisingly I
never use it. I tend to grab my flex shaft more frequently because
they are just hanging there, I reach for them without thinking. But
if all you used was the micromotor, and I have friends who do that,
I think you’d be perfectly happy. You just end up with the hand
piece laying in your bench pan instead of hanging in the air to you


Hope that helps a little.


I’m using Nakanishi EMAX Evolution with 1/4 speed reducer.

The motor is quiet and totally vibration free. With the reducer I
have good control of the speed with a good torque.

With low speed it is easy to drill accurately.


I have a Marathon Micromotor I have had for about 10years. Very quiet
and smooth. I also have 3 Flexshafts.

I ordered a cheap micromotor for a friend as a present, used for
manicure, dial for speed, foot pedal for on or off. Mine can be used
with dial for constant speed or foot pedal for variable speed.

You can order Marathon from Ebay, about $100. Mine was from local.
dental supply.

$400. Same unit.

My handpiece stopped working, company wanted to replace it for $200.
I took it apart, a permanent magnet that was glued in came loose.
Reglued, as I am a professional at gluing, year and a half still
working fine.

Great for stone setting, so smooth running.

You will love it.

In addition to my Foredom flexshaft, I have the Strong micromotor
from Otto Frei, and love it. I also got the foot pedal, but never
use it. It runs smoothly and I have wonderful control over the
speed. Alma

Thanks. Much appreciated to all for continued input…

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Dennis Main