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Micromotor repair

Hi All. I have a Gesswein micromotor system. The handpiece made some
clunking noises and died. Sending it back to Gesswein for repair
will take weeks. Does anyone know of another option that might be
quicker, ideally on the west coast? It’s apparently a Japanese
handpiece. Please email me direct if you can help.



I bought my Foredom micro-motor over 10 years ago. I suggest calling
Foredom and getting a new one and keep your old thing as a back-up.
these are wonderful things to have and to use. so light-weight and
very flexible while setting stones…:>)

Gerry Lewy

I would buy another handpiece (kinda pricey, I know, but how much is
your time worth?) and send the broken one to Gesswein for repair.
Sooner or later the new one will give up the ghost and when it does,
you will have a freshly repaired spare.

If you do that however, when you get it back and before you put it
into storage, make sure it works properly. I didn’t check out a
hammer handpiece I had repaired once, I just put it away for when I
would need it. A couple of years later when it came time to put it
into emergency service, it didn’t work. Not only was I without a
working tool with both of them broken, the repair warrantee had

Dave Phelps

I have a Marathon 7 micromotor, the handpiece stopped working. The
local company bought from wanted $250 for a handpiece. I took a
chance and took it apart, directions on the Internet, one of the
permanent magnets that are glued to the inside of the handpiece came
off, reglued it and it has been fine for at least a year. I have had
it For at least 4 years.

There micromotor s on Ebay, $100-150. I gave one to a friend as a
Xmas present and she has used it for years without problem. Just be
aware, some have foot switches that are on-off, some are variable
speed foot controls. They have replacement handpieces for $60.

Thanks to all who responded. I ended up ordering a new handpiece on
Ebay. It came directly from China in less than a week, for $55 total.
A steal! Gesswein would have sold me one for $275. That’s a big
range. You can get the whole package with base and hand piece for
$120 or less, and the various offerings seem mostly identical. I
never thought of this type of thing as disposable, but this is almost
certainly less than the repair might have been.