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Micromotor recommendation, comments


I am contemplating the purchase of a brushless micromotor, for stone setting, under a scope…

They are a bit pricey…

I read a few review comments about lack of cutting power, and breaking after a few months/ years…

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about best brands, features to look for, best rpm and torque specs, etc, as well as user comments


Hi Julie, they can be pricy but soo worth it. After doing some research on different motors, I ended up getting one from Rio Grande. The Foredom K1053 Brushless with hammer hand piece. Love that I have the 2 handpieces and not need a flex shaft still for the hammer. I noticed a difference the first day using it and wished I purchased one a long time ago. I went with the Foredom brand because they are a larger brand name and have quality to their products. If you are going to invest then this kind of product, don’t go the cheap route. Put the money into it and it will be worth it. Bonus with this hand piece set is the attachment to the hammer for gravers. May not be as powerful as full engraving machines but it gives me enough to experiment and learn engraving.
The only real problem / difference that I’ve noticed with this micro motor vs flex shaft is sometimes if I’m using a bur in stone setting that is to large for the space I’m cutting in, the motor will not want to spin to cut. If I am using the right size bur, then I have not had any issues with stone setting.


I have the Foredom® K.1070 Micro-Motor High-Speed Rotary Hand piece System from RIO and it does not disappoint. I wish I would have purchased it sooner. So, light-weight and more comfortable to use than the FlexShaft. I use it for stone setting and all my other tasks. I still use my FlexShaft, but prefer the micro-motor. It is worth the money.

thank you both sooooo much for your feedback! i really appreciate it! so important!


regarding micromotors and “torque”

upon further research I see that the:

Foredom “High Torque” K.1053 brushless handpiece/ hammer handpiece kit
(which includes the HP4-817 motor- 1,000-50,000 rpm)
has a max torque of 70mNm
which converts to 7cN
or 9.94 ozf-in (oz force inch)

foredom micromotor hammer handpiece is 1000-2500 strokes per minute
to compare, the Badeco 222 hammer handpiece is 1000-3000 strokes per minute)
and the Foredom H.15 hammer handpiece is 0-5000 strokes per minute
not sure what the separate NSK hammer handpiece is

the NSK Evo Max
has a max torque of 4.3 cNm
which converts to 43 mN
or 6.106 ozf-in (oz force inch)

soooo…my question is…which one has the higher torque…and would the difference be noticeable in terms of performance, as compared to the Foredom SR flex shaft motor

(ie: is it, the higher the number, the higher the torque?..just wanted to be clear…)

to note:
Foredom SR 1/6 HP flex shaft motor

(using 20,000rpm)
1/6 HP= .167 HP= .06 Nm
or 60 mN*m
or 8.52 ozf inch (oz force per inch)

(using 15,000rpm)
1/6 HP= .167 HP= .08 Nm
or 80 mN*m
or 11.36 ozf i(nch (oz force inch)

(torque and HP calculators are awesome)