Microcrystaline Wax Modeling Clay Recipe

80 pound batch:
20 lb. microcrystaline wax
2.5 lb. 30 weight motor oil
2 lb. petroleum base axle grease
50 lb. air float bond clay, or dry ball clay

20 pound batch: (same ingredients)
5 lb. wax
0.625 lb. oil
0.05 lb. grease
11.5 lb. clay


1. melt wax
2. add oil, grease, to melt it
3. add clay, stir & fold in

The 80 pound batch can be made in a metal garbage can. Good luck
with this! If you have questions, I can relay them to my sculpture
teacher for you, since I have not actually made this myself. It is
very much cheaper than buying plasticene modeling clay!! It is
reusable. Of course, you do not heat or fire this clay, you take
molds off of it if you want to preserve the artwork. Then you can
cast various materials into the molds. Have fun !

– M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler
Goodland, MN