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Micro-Weld "Skip"

“Hi” Skip

Welcome to the group.

From reading your intro you may be able to help with your
experience in the dental technican. I have posted a question to
this but nobody has come across with an answer.

A local dental lab as we call them gave me a welding machine
that they used for doing brace work but had not used it for about
10 years. The machine is a S.ATO made in Torino Italy and runs on
Methyl Alcohol and Caustic Solution for producing the hydrogen.

My question have you used this type welder during your years as
a dental technican and if so would you know the the strength of
the caustic solution that is used.

I would be most greatful of any help that you can give. Thanks

Besr wishes.

Major @pyramid


I’m really sorry I don’t know. I specialize in Crown and
bridge, and ceramics and use an oxy/propane torch for casting
and high heat soldering(different tips), and a blazer
stand-alone butane for smaller gold and silver work.

Is this a welding machine or a hydro/oxy torch?


                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and

I read your comment about using a Blaze torch for gold and
silver. I also use a Blaze but have not used it for precious
metals. What type of weld do you use it for. I am very
intereseted in your applications.

Thank you.
Mary Moore