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Micro Stamps

Hello — I am looking for a Micro-Stamp system that will allow me
to stamp on Ear Ring posts with the twt — or — Total Diamond
Weight. This needs to be able to vary the weight on each stamping.
Post diameter of either.030 —.036 – to stamp such as ---- 3.04 twt
— maybe 2.80 twt.-- or-- 1.46…

The numbers will have to be easy to re-arrange to any twt order –
most ER pairs will be unique to themselves.

When I am finished emailing this out I think I will contact my buddy
at Stuller – Andy the tool Guy! Thanks in advance — Mike

microstamps. us makes a custom plier applied earring post stamp. Go
to their site and click on earring post stamps. I have been
considering the same thing myself. You would probably need an insert
for each unique number. Be prepared to spend some money. Rob

Thanks Rob – I called microstamp & no such critter — has to be

Try the following:

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Yes — not inter changable — if you do all 1.00 twt or all of one
weight but this does not vary.