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Micro motors advantages

Hi Richard, I had been looking to replace my low-end Gesswein micro motor for a couple of years, and was looking specifically for one that supported a hammer handpiece. The Badeco was way more money than I wanted to spend, but I was blown away when I was able to play with it at MJSA, so I gulped and put it on my credit card. The 4 quick-change handpieces are so easy to use, and the hammer handpiece works with Foredom anvil points. The variable speed foot pedal I believe is proprietary to Badeco–you’d probably have to play with a model to see if you can adapt one of yours to fit that plug. I’m shipping mine back to Otto Frei (it seems to be defective), so you should contact them in a week or so to see if you can get it at a discounted price to test if you don’t already have this model. I’m certainly not happy about having to pay so much more for the variable speed foot pedal (the one that ships in the box starts too fast for low speed drilling). HTH,

Many thanks Makena, and sorry for my late reply. It’s exam season already!!

The Badeco MX1 looks great, but at 1400 EUR, it’s a bit out of my price range…I wonder if it’s possible to get similar performance with a Saeshin + hammer handpiece! I will keep reading up as much as I can, since my local dealer doesn’t keep any Badeco in stock and barely had anything else on hand, so very hard to test in person! Any further recommendations for high to midrange motors (less than 1000 EUR!) would be so much appreciated.

Have a great day,


Hi Emily,
The Badeco is at the high end, but I needed something with high torque at low speed that also supported a hammer handpiece, so I had been shopping around for a couple of years, limping along with my old, half-broken cheap one (the foot pedal gave out and it wasn’t worth fixing). When I saw the demo with the other handpieces it supports I realized that it would vastly expand the range of creative possibilities for me, so I put it on my credit card and hope to pay it off soon. So it really depends on what you want to do. You can start with a cheap one like I did and go from there. Even with the foot pedal inoperable my old one is still useful for polishing. I can put the handpiece in a vise and use it like a lathe as well–it’s nice to be able to dial up or down the speed as needed. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the benefits of a micromotor for most tasks, but specialized features don’t come cheap. HTH,

I’m sure the Badeco is worth every penny! I’d expect any recent Badeco, Techdent, NSK to be worth the investment to anyone working full time. I’m still a student so I should be reasonable. After lengthy research I’m aiming in the 300-800 EUR range, min. 4,5 torque handpiece, and maybe the hammer function can wait a year or two when I know better what to do with it (about to embark on a 2-year setting programme). Still haven’t been able to make a decision – my local shops (Belgium) don’t seem to know micromotors, so I’m looking at German, Dutch and French retailers and ebayers! Wish I could order from the US, way better offerings, but the customs charges are always horrific for even cheap things, so I can only imagine how bad it would be for a purchase this size. FML!