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Micro Milling Machines

I purchased a Taig Micro Mill 2000LE several months ago. I am
wondering if any of the subscribers have this machine. I’m using
Rhyno for designing and am extremely pleased with it. I use Bob Cad
to produce the machine code from my designs. I’ve had quite a lot of
head aches getting the system operating smoothly but am now finally
able to produce models and parts of models consistently.

I’d be interested in others experience with software using the Taig
Mill. I also have used Desk Proto but gave up on it. I think my
biggest problem with this program was my in ability to produce
suitable ball mills. My biggest problem is that I haven’t found a
supplier for tooling. I have had to make my cutters by hand and it is
a disagreeable passtime. I would appreciate the name of a company
which specializes in very fine tooling for Micro Milling Machines.


I have a 4-axis CNC converted Sherline milling machine. I MUCH
prefer Vector to BobCAD for the CAM software. The two programs were
written by brothers, but Vector works reliably compared to BobCAD.
What type of tooling are you looking for? I use a variety of carbide
endmills down to 0.015" diameter. I have been happy with the service
and quality from the following company:

Hope this helps,

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs


I don’t use the Taig, but I do use the Sherline micro-mill, and
would be happy to advise you on tooling. There is an on line dealer
for Taig named Nick Carter, and there is a Taig e-mail group you can
join, as well as a Sherline group.

You can get a lot of by searching through the Sherline
web site. They fully explain their tools and
tooling. You might also purchase the book on TableTop Machining by
Joe Martin (again, Sherline site), as it has lots of good info.

For CNC, there are several e-mail lists dealing with it, but as i
don’t use it, I can’t help you there.


I have been using cutters from Bits & Bits Company out of Oregon.
Their phone number is 503-873-3112. The PY15 carbide cutter has a 3
sided pyramid configuration with a 15 degree angle that cuts file wax
very well. I have been using a .005 flat on the tip. They will cost
about $10 each and last forever or until you drop them and break off
the end. We keep the wax wet using a bit of liquid detergent mixed
with water when we are cutting. John

I have just bought a Roland Modela MDX-20 which i think is a similar
system ,I am going to get some brass rods made up to fit in the end
of the mill with a hole and grub screw for a 1/16th" tungsten cadbide
dental bur to fit into. You can get these as a cylinder with arounded end .


W.H. Both Antares and Bits and bits can supply you with small
engraving bits MSC is an excelent sorce of all other tooling. The
biggest problem with the taig mill is the lack of anti backlash nuts
at least last time I looked. And I prefer Rams, Deskproto, and Visual
Mill to Bob cad. If I can be of any other help please contact me off
line. David

W.H., there are two companies that I have used recently for tooling.
The first is Enco, who has an online catalog.

The other is Airgas-Rutland tools. Their web site is

The first has a good selection of tools, some very inexpensive. the
later has a better selection, some at higher prices.

No commercial interest in either, but a customer of both.