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Micro macrame

I recently saw a magazine on a news stand that had an article titled
"The New Macrame" but unfortunately I did not buy it. Now I cannot
find it. Has anyone seen it? Thanks in advance.


Don’t know the magazine article but Googling “micro-macrame” gets a
lot of hits. This one was at or near the top:

Christine, who has always liked fiber

i would just like to throw something in here, though i don’t know if
it’s impolite to add to subject, i make wood jewelry and have too
many pendants to use silver chain on all, and have to do a brooklyn
craftshow in late sept, am looking to buy or trade sennited/ braided
or macramed lengths of cord that i might try to use, also bolo
pieces of cord cause i would like to attempt that, have alot of
pieces carved, thankyou, dave

Hello Dave,

Have you considered using cable neckwires? Fire Mountain Gems
carries them in colors. The clasps are magnetic with male and female
ends. Cost is a buck or less, and I prefer them for non-precious

Judy in Kanss

I saw the magazine you are speaking of at B&N last night. It is the
latest issue of Belle Armoire.