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Micro hole drilling table

Since the topic of drilling small holes has come up from time to
time, figure Id pass this info along.

While researching some equipment, I came accross this cool little
table, priced at $130.00 USD. Made by TechniCad out of Vallejo, CA.
The Little Machineshop carries the product, but looks to be back
ordered at the moment.

Check out this page, its even got videos on how the table is
used…The thing I really like about his table is the fact that the
part to be drilled is moving up to the drill bit, instead of the
drill bit moving down to the part. This has several advantages, 1) It
can be put on any drilling machine/hand piece, 2) You will still need
a high speed rotary tool to hold the drill bit, 3) I think this
coupled with a foredom style clamp that can hold the hand piece
vertically, and very securley, youll have yourself a high speed
(necessary for drilling micro holes) drill press 4) with fingertip
control, im sure youll get a really good feel of the drill bit
going into the material.

Couple this with the Foredom No.35 speed increasing hand piece and
youll have 35,000 rpm capacity at your fingertips.

Personally, I dont think the standard Foredom drill press stand will
hold the hand piece solidly enough due to its plastic construction,
but if one were so inclined, making an all metal clamping fixture
wouldnt be too hard to accomplish. I might embark on a project like
this just to see what it would all take.

Anyhoo, just passing along whats been found.