Micro forming metal flower jewelry

I hope this goes through. I wrote about ths subject previously but
never saw it printed.

A hammer company from NC did a recent workshop in Dallas that I was
not able to attend. I have wanted to learn this technique for about 4
or 5 yrs from the first time I saw earrings made this way. On the
internet recently I saw Jewelry Art Magazine & an old issue Nov. 2008
with a broach by Melissa Muir, >From Flat To Flower. I charged a PDF
file on this, along with 6 other patterns, one was Calla Lily Suite
(earrings). I was able to open the PDF but unable to get it to print
& now I have lost the entire order. I have not been able to find any
DVD’s or YouTube videos on this technique. Also I could not find any
in Ganoksin’s archives.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sharon Perdasofpy

Hi Sharon,

The company in NC is called NC Black, which is owned and operated by
friends of mine who are also fine artists, Andrea and Chuck
Kennington, and Les (whose last name I cannot remember at the
moment). You can find their micro forming tools at ncblack.com I
suggest that you contact them to find out their future schedule, so
that you can go to another workshop. they also have pdfs that you can
download with the basics of anticlasting and synclasting.

The folks at Jewelry Art magazine are very nice. I bet that if you
contact them, they will help you out with the order that you’ve had
difficulty with.


Thanks much. I’ve met Andrea & bought 4 hammers & a forming tool
from her when she came to Dallas. I didn’t know they had pdfs. That
will sure help. Also you’re right the magazine was great & I was able
to download that article. Thank you very much for your response. I’m
a great admirer of your work. Sharon