[Michigan] Classes on wax molds?


I have made jewelry for the last 35 years, more of the artisan style
than anything else, but did study a metalsmiting couple of years in
college. I would like to take my abilities to the next level, and
work in wax again, stone setting, etc. Anyone able to direct me to
classes in SE Michigan? I have been searching, but coming up with
much that doesn’t teach more than beading, which I could write my own
book on those techniques! Help, please!

Susan LaCoste

Hi Suzi;

Anyone able to direct me to classes in SE Michigan? 

You’re from my old stomping grounds. Wayne State U. and Cranbrook
have excellent metals programs, maybe not exactly what you’re
looking for… But W.S.U. used to have non-matriculated evening
courses at one time. Jiro Masuda, I think, is still the instructor
there. For that matter, Center for Creative Studies in Detriot might
have something interesting going on in thier metals program too. Take
a look at Kendal College, in Kalamzoo (I know, the original Kendal is
in Grand Rapids, but this is their new jewelry department’s campus).
It’s a ways away, but you might find it interesting enough to see if
you’d want to stay up there for one of their shorter classes. They
have a curriculum that’s more focused on industry specific
technologies and objectives. I don’t have thier contact info at this
time, it’s in my office buried under the some stack of papers
somewhere, but I’m sure Google.com would turn it up. Might look into
the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Association too. There might be a
ringer or two hanging around there teaching something of interest.
And if you meet any local jewelers in your parts who say they know
of me, just remember, I’m neither as good nor as bad as they say I

David L. Huffman


Check out Kate Wolf’s classes. I realize she’s in Maine not Michigan,
but I believe she’s worth the trip. Sometimes you can get a
reasonable price on airplane tickets. My last two flight were
cheaper than driving with today’s gas prices. Usual disclaimer

James S. Cantrell CMBJ