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Michael Dyber, Gem Sculptor Extraordinaire


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Michael Dyber, Gem Sculptor Extraordinaire

When I think about innovative gem cutting today, a few names spring
to mind. One of the first is Michael Dyber. Like Rene Lalique
(1860-1945) who initiated a revolution in French jewelry design
(image left) by asserting that his work should be valued for its
design and craftsmanship, rather than for the value of the materials
used, Dyber creates subtle miracles in materials such as the humble
quartz, amethyst and tourmaline.

Michael Dyber’s total optical approach to lapidary breaks with the
tradition of gem cutting that began in the Renaissance. His little
masterpieces cross the line between the gem craftsman’s narrow
pursuit of brilliance and scintillation and the constructivist
artist’s desire to create a work of art with reflects a world with
no physical reference. His work, together with artists like Steven
Walters and Glenn Lehrer will, I believe,be one of the defining
voices in jewelry making in the 20th Century. Read on, visit my blog
for more words and pictures:

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