Miami jewelry attractions

Hello everyone, I will be traveling to the Miami area for about two
weeks over the holidays. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions
of things to see while I am down there. I will be visiting family and
am expecting to have some free time on my hands. I am always
interested in seeing interesting exhibits or even just a store where
I can admire someones original metal work.

Thanks for the help,
Ben Fierer


If you have an opportunity to do a bit of traveling in South Florida,
would welcome you to the Boca Raton Museum of Art School where I
teach. I am at the school Mon (9:00Am to 4:00Pm) and Tues (1:00Pm to
9:30Pm). We begin a new term on 4 Jan. If you can make it, give me a
call at 954-578-9005 or email at offline. To check out the school, go
to and click on The Art School.

Cheers from Don in SOFL.