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[Miami] Jewelry arts education

Hello all!

I’d love to get some input from the pros on jewelry arts education in
the Miami or South Florida area. I’m a long-time artist and two-year
jewelry student in search of either good bench programs or MFA
programs or both, and I will be new to the Florida area as of January.
My interest is in developing really good techniques, especially in
mixed metals and enameling, and building up my knowledge of lapidary.
Thanks for your trouble.



Its early as yet but will still send you a hearty welcome to SOFL.
There are lots of jewelry and lapidary activities in this area.
Unfortunately, in Miami, two of the three gem and mineral clubs have
closed down in the past few years. Seems too many of the old crew
have gone to the old mine in the sky. Still, there is one g&m society
functioning there…look in the clubs section of the Lapidary Journal
for their number. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll get it
for you. Also, the Florida Gold Coast Gem and Mineral Society, an
affiliate of the South Florida Museum of Natural History (formerly The
Graves Museum) in Dania Beach is very active. I am the vice president
of that society and we are actively recruiting members. We now have
cabbing and faceting classes going regularly and an enormous
selection of cutting material (about 5.5 tons of old stock). In the
near future we also hope to begin smithing and casting classes.

Florida International University has an active jewelry design metal
smithing program taught by Duane Brant, You can contact Duane at
(954) 929-3640 or e-mail at

The Boca Raton Museum of Art also has an active silversmithing and
enameling program taught by the very talented Susan Lewis who also
teaches PMC. They are also beginning a lapidary class this Oct. You
can contact Susan at e-mail after Aug 12 as she is
on vacation att.

There is also the American Jewelry School on University Dr in Sunrise
operated by Edgardo Zargon a certified Master Jeweler. His number is
(954) 741-4555

Finally, there is the Florida Society of Goldsmiths which supports a
very active program schedule and lots of work shops. Contact Kathy
Robbins at (954) 456-7753.

I’m sure there are also MFA programs avail at various schools in the
area. Otherwise, if I can be of any further service, please give me a
hoot at @coralnut.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry!

You might check with Jim Stewart… at the international jewelers
school in Stuart Fla. Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
e-mail @Andy_Kroungold

Marie There is lots going on in the Miami area. In south Miami there
is Florida International University (South Campus) (a state
university). The have a full jewelry program with a degree in
jewelry. They are the only university program in Florida granting
that degree. I do not know if they have MFA classes or not in
jewelry, but you can call and ask. The semester for the fall begins
early August and the “winter” semester begins in January.

Miami Dade Community College has a wonderful 2 year program.

Bench jewelry programs are offered at Miami Jewelry Institute, this
is in Miami proper. In Fort Lauderdale there is a new jewelry school
named American School of Jewelry (I hope I have the name correct, if
not I can check for you), it is a brand new facility and the
facilities are wonderful. This is for bench jewelry and other
courses. There is also Stewart’s School of Jewelry (bench courses),
about 2 1/2 drive north of Miami.

There is the gem & lapidary guild which meets in the Fort Lauderdale
area at the Graves museum in Dania, FL; also a gem and mineral
society that meets at the Miami Museum of Science,

The Boca Raton Museum of Art (further north than Miami) offers
jewelry classes in fabrication, PMC, and enameling.

There are several jewelry organizations: The Florida Society of
Goldsmiths (southeast chapter) is a very active organization that
offers many specialty classes and workshops. They usually use the
facilities at FIU. There are also regularly scheduled meetings which
feature different speakers. They alternate general meetings from Ft.
Lauderdale to Miami. There are workshops held twice a year (5 day
programs). One is in New Smyrna Beach, FL (near Daytona) the other
is Wildacres North Carolina (near Asheville). This year there is a
special program in Wildacres North Carolina which features Alan
Revere Academy East. It is at the end of October.

The Women in the Visual Arts, meets once a month at various
facilities in Boca Raton. The membership is juried for art. There is
also a small jewelry group, that also meets once a month for jewelry
demonstrations by other members.

There is the enamel guild of Palm Beach, located in Palm Beach (still
further north than Boca Raton) and they have meetings about every
other week. There is also Enamel Guild South. (in Miami) and I
would have inquire about their meeting schedule.

There is a lot more going on with many shows and exhibits. There is
a jewelry district in downtown Miami with many retail stores and
wholesale vendors. Both Women in the Visual Arts and Florida Society
of Goldsmiths do shows during the year.

Hope this helps. There may be lots more going on, I am always
interested in hearing about other activities. Beth Katz

if you want the best then go to lsu in baton rouge, la and study with
chris hentz and barbara minor. it’s affordable, not all that far from
fla., and ch & bm and really excelent. they’ll teach you how to be
your individual best. jh

Hi Marie-- I’ve been taking classes at the Boca Raton Museum of Art
School. They have been excellent. They are building a new jewelry
studio, and are offering even more classes in jewelry arts in the
fall. I believe there will be one in enameling. The school is
scheduled to reopen in Oct 01. Call the director, Lois, when you move
here. She will send you the info. sign up as
soon as possible, as there is a demand for some classes. Terry