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Miami Herald article about gold

I just saw this article and had no idea the gold trade has gotten so dirty. I am sharing this to everyone as I used to recycle my gold at NTR. Never again.

I hope this link comes through but it is a Miami Herald article.

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This can be confusing.
I believe that NTR offices that used to be
NTR that are now Elemetal Direct were
not a part of this.
The NTR office that this article was
about is in Miami.
To make it more confusing, I believe the
Miami company changed its name from NTR
to Elemetal.
NTR offices located around the U.S. as
NTR became Elemetal Direct, which are local
refiners, and their main office is in Dallas, parent
company is Roseco.
Here is a comprehensive article about
NTR and the name change to Elemetal LLC,
which is not affiliated with Elemetal

Thanks Richard.
I am totally confused now. But thanks for your information. I did not see a link to your article though.


Recap: Elemetal Direct, which used to be
NTR, part of Roseco, Dallas Texas is not
affiliated with NTR LLC in Miami that the
article is about.

Thank you Richard,
What an interesting article.
Thank you.

Thanks for that link!

Time to think about other colors than gold or silver.

Ops, I forgot, that’s beyond the capacity for most of the jewelry industry.

How about “Rose”, or “Green” coloured gold. Think out of the ‘box’ for
different colours.

*Gerry Lewy *

Dont quite follow, do you mean other metals?
If so do let us know here. I use other metals all the time , much cheaper, and only more difficult with for example s/steel, titanium, bronze etc. Well worth the effort tho. If your thinking of going that way, ill post pictures of what iIdo.
Dorset UK