[Mexico] Guadalajara Jewelry attractions

Si - I am about to take a jaunt to Guadalajara and San Miguel de
Allende… and suggestions for jewelers or sites to see would be
appreciated. Looking for perhaps finding a goldsmith to set a couple
of stones for me… know anyone? Going June 29-July 12.

Thanks so much,
Dina at High-Strung@comcast.net


check out this school in san miguel
http://www.raulybarra.com/workshops/. they can certainly point you
in the right direction if not do the work themselves.

i’m sure you already know this, but san miguel is a haven for
artists and i’m sure once you get there you won’t have a problem
finding someone to set some stones for you.

enjoy your trip!

jocelyn broyles
ph (011 506) 376.6278